Questionnaire Automation

Combining the best of AI and Human Experts we will be your essential partner for efficiently handling security questionnaires.

Problem (A&A backlog)

Say goodbye to delays caused by lengthy and repetitive questionnaires.

Security reviews should not take a year for teams to complete. Certify 360 combines the best of AI and human experts so you can conduct Authorization & Accreditation (A&A) reviews in minutes. Our innovative platform ensures all stakeholders are involved promptly through customized workflows leading to swift processing with a high degree of accuracy. No more lengthy delays, no more bottlenecks – just smooth, efficient, and secure business operations.

Solution (Automate the process)

Certify 360 AI-powered automation scans the security questionnaire and deep-searches your security policies to build a library of high-confidence Q&A pairs. Thus, focusing the responses on the most important security actions requiring attention.

With our AI's deep-search capabilities, you can rest assured that your responses are based on the most up-to-date and relevant security policies. No more manual searches or guesswork. By harnessing the power of AI, Certify 360 is your indispensable partner in navigating the intricate world of security assessments. It will transform the way questionnaires are handled, providing comprehensive, reliable, and automated solutions that will revolutionize security policy compliance.


Accelerate the sales cycle and win more deals

  • More innovative products in the marketplace
  • Speed up sales by responding quickly to questionnaires
  • Outcompete the competition by being the first to respond
  • Quickly return completed answers in their original format

Save time and increase efficiency

  • Machine learning improves suggestions over time
  • Centralized answer library for easy access to previous questionnaires, policies, and documents
  • Auto-complete feature and response tracking to accelerate the process



Rather than wasting hours on manual work, Cert360’s machine learning-powered automation pulls the best answers for questions based on past responses.


Review vulnerabilities through our dashboard with associated risk scores and details.

Access Controls

Cert360 adheres to the principle of least privilege, specifying that users will be given minimum access to data and systems based on job function, business requirements, or need-to-know.